Boat Cover Care

Clear Vinyl Enclosures
1) Do not tow the boat at highway speeds with the vinyl curtains installed. Remove the curtains and store them safely until you reach your destination.
2) Clear vinyl curtains should not be left in rolled-up position for long periods of time. This can lead to shrinkage and fogging of the glass.
3) For long term storage, clear vinyl curtains should be stored as flat as possible. Place a clean towel or sheet between the curtains to protect them from scratching and other damage.
4) For cleaning, rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a clean cloth. For deeper cleaning, use 210 Plastic Cleaner* (aerosol) and a clean cloth or t-shirt.
5) To remove light scratches and residues, use 210 Plastic Scratch Remover*, following the directions on the bottle. Follow up with 210 Plastic Cleaner.

Sunbrella and Canvas Boat Covers
1) Most Sunbrella boat covers and mooring covers are not suited to towing at highway speeds. Remove the cover and store safely until reaching your destination. A well-made cover can be trailed at low speeds under 35 MPH for short distances.
2) Sunbrella covers should be treated with Fabric Guard* after the first two years of use and treated once a year thereafter to maintain water repellency.
3) Securely install boat cover during use. Any adjustable mooring “tent” poles should be raised as high as possible to help shed water and cover should be tied down to trailer with line or bungee cords if possible. Any areas of wear should be fixed immediately to prevent serious damage to the cover.

Bimini Tops
1) While towing the boat, the bimini top frame should be folded and nested together, then covered with a canvas boot to secure the canvas top.
2) If possible, lay the bimini frame down and stow securely while towing the boat. If necessary, the top can be in an upright position on a support leg while towing, although this is not the preferred method.
3) Periodically check screws and hardware of bimini frame and tighten any loose parts.
4) Sunbrella bimini tops should be treated with Fabric Guard* once a year to maintain water repellency. Stamoid tops should be cleaned with IMAR Stamoid Marine Vinyl Protective Spray*.

Zipper and Fasteners
1) Zippers, snaps, and other fasteners should be treated with IOSSO Zipper and Snap Lubricant to extend life and perform properly. DO NOT use silicone or silicone based products.